When my practitioner suggested I work with a health coach I reluctantly agreed as I have a lot of knowledge myself and didn’t think I would gain much from the experience. How wrong I was! Working with Deborrah was a game changer on my health journey and I cringe when I think I almost chose not to take this step. Deborrah brings a lot of practical medical experience and a love of research that money can’t buy. Her ability and willingness to deep dive on different issues and bring back actionable information is a great asset. She loves to expand her knowledge and is willing to change her recommendations accordingly. This is a rare attribute in the health field. Deborrah’s supportive and positive attitude towards helping me reach my goals met needs I didn’t know existed. I never felt judged when I slipped up and when I needed to take a much needed break from focusing on my health she was absolute in her support. She meets you where you are and gently, with great compassion, coaxes you along your path. I looked forward to speaking with her every time knowing it was the one place I felt truly free to share my frustrations and fears as well as my successes. I completely underestimated how important it is to have someone so completely “in your corner”. Without reservations I recommend Deborrah as a health coach. Her combination of knowledge, experience, insight and compassion makes her a standout in this area.
— Marilee

My biggest challenge before I started coaching was enjoying eating healthy and simplifying the process. After working with Deborrah I have developed better shopping skills which help me to keep my refrigerator stocked with healthy options. She also helped improve the taste of foods by encouraging me to practice with spices, giving me a better understanding of how to use them. Being able to have this one-on-one attention with Deborrah to learn was helpful and enjoyable.
— Aron

It took me well into our second visit to know how extensive Deborrah’s knowledge base was. Her coaching was very thorough and well-formatted. I was very comfortable with her, and she was very easy to talk to. She answered any questions I had with good, sound advice and suggestions. I liked hearing her personal experiences, and that they were similar to ones I had experienced. This made her coaching more sincere and shows she really cares. I was surprised and pleased with how closely and effectively Deborrah worked with my FM provider despite them being in different states. My knowledge base has been greatly improved and the support Deborrah provided was wonderful!!
— Sheila