Why Do You Need a Health Coach?

A Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach works with you to identify your health goals while encouraging you to tackle the obstacles keeping you from reaching them.  I want to empower you to discover the motivation from within, drawing on your character strengths in order to implement realistic solutions and reach your goals.  I can provide information to educate you on the impact of food, sleep, stress, and environmental toxins on overall health.   And so much more!  

Making permanent lifestyle and dietary changes to restore health takes time.  Chronic illness does not happen overnight. Diving deep to discover the "why" to your health challenges, identifying the appropriate lifestyle and dietary changes for your situation, and assessing the response to those changes all takes time. Every individual is unique and therefore requires an individualized plan to achieve optimal health.

Here are just a few studies showing the importance of health coaches in reaching health improvement outcomes:

What can you expect from me as your health coach?  

  • A safe, nonjudgmental, and supportive environment that encourages you to reveal your unique story.
  • Someone who does not tell you what to do but rather helps you figure out how to accomplish your health goals, and identify the challenges that keep you from those goals.
  • Someone who avoids the latest fad/gimmicks and instead uses evidence-based research & tools.  
  • Someone who will work with you to create a plan that works for you personally, not a one-size-fits-all approach.  I can also team up with your primary care physician and/or other members of your health team (nutritionists, counselors, etc.).  
  • Someone who will take a whole-body approach -- emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. 
  • Your own personal health detective -- someone who will ask the questions to investigate and discover "what's going on in there."

Become a healthier, better YOU!!