Hello there! 

My name is Deborrah Cisneros.  I dreamed of being a nurse since childhood.  After high school I went on to achieve my dreams, spending 15 years doing what I love -- nursing.  While working in the Emergency Room (ER) I cared for a variety of patients, many of whom suffered from diseases that may have been prevented had those patients made healthy lifestyle changes.  My dreams ended when I suffered from my own health challenges.  None of the medical care I'd received over the 15 years of complaining about hip pain sought to answer "why" I was having this pain.  Unfortunately, at the age of 45 I found myself needing a total hip replacement due to osteoarthritis.  I couldn't believe this was happening to me and at such a young age.  My personal struggles coupled with my love of learning led me to research "why?"  This is how I discovered Functional Medicine.    

Since then, I have used the knowledge I have gained regarding functional medicine to walk along side family members & friends on their journey to reverse their health challenges.  This included my dad's recovery from "the widow maker" heart attack, my college-aged son's nutritional deficiencies and Hashimoto's, as well as a family friend's elevated triglycerides and total cholesterol, to name a few.   

I am convinced the functional medicine approach is how medicine should be practiced -- evidence-based, addressing the underlying causes of disease versus treating symptoms.  I also love how functional medicine empowers patients and practitioners to work together to achieve optimal health.  My desire to help individuals become their own health advocates led me to a career change from nursing to Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.    

In my "down time", my love of learning still continues.  I can usually be found reading a health & wellness book (or 2), researching more about functional medicine on the internet or furthering my education through health-related courses.  I also enjoy photography and embracing this new season in my life -- empty nesting.  Whoohoo!